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The Lungie

Launched the beginning of 2012, THE LUNGIE weave has taken South Africa by storm. Flying off the shelves it has far exceeded our expectations. Short spikey and feminine, it was created with the modern...

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Maxi Dread

Launch late 2011, the Maxi Dread has bloomed into one of our most popular styles. It was designed  for the stylist.  It can be braided, woven and cornrowed into any style -  so let your imagination go...

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Hotex 14″ weave

New in our Hotex range is the 14″ weave Hotex is FRIKA’S exclusive High Temperature Fiber This fiber can be curled/ironed at moderate heat : +/-180 Degrees Or cold set using rollers and a...

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Lace Front Wigs

FRIKA is brings Lace Front Wigs to South Africa! Super-stylish and unbelievably natural, lace front wigs have a piece of lace netting attached to the front of the wig.  The lace netting is adhered to...

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