style tips

Heat-style the Thandi Wig

FR!KA’s Thandi wig is a beautiful 18 inch straight style with a fringe, and is constructed using carefully tested heat tolerant fibres, which can be heat styled into curls, waves and straightened back to the wig’s original style!...

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Can I change the size of a wig to suit my head? Yes, all our wigs can be adjusted to the size of your head. By adjusting the straps on the side of the wig to either make it smaller or bigger. Can I wear my wig straight out of the box? We would advise...

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How to wear your FRIKA lacefront wig

If you have long or bulky hair, first put on a Wig cap (which you can purchase at the FR!KA outlet) so that your hair can be even and manageable under your beautiful Lace front wig. Line up the front of the wig with the front of your head. Hold your...

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Styling the Maxi Dread

FR!KA’s Maxi Dread is a braid that is designed for the stylist’s imagination, because it can be braided, woven and cornrowed into any style.  We understand that in today’s busy environment, it is as important for ladies to get their...

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